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Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns: Convenient, Efficient, and Affordable

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For years, dental crowns have been a crucial part of restorative dentistry, used to protect and strengthen damaged, decayed, or weakened teeth. Traditionally, dental crowns required multiple appointments to complete the procedure, often taking several weeks to get the final result. However, with same-day dental crowns, patients can now have these restorations completed in a single appointment. This post will discuss the benefits of same-day dental crowns and why they are becoming a popular choice for many patients.

Same-day dental crowns save you time!

The biggest advantage of same-day dental crowns is the convenience they offer to patients. In traditional dental crown procedures, patients must visit the dentist multiple times, first for tooth preparation, then for the fitting of the temporary crown, and finally for the fitting of the permanent crown. With same-day dental crowns, everything can be done in one visit, saving patients valuable time. You can get back to your daily routine without the inconvenience of multiple appointments.

Same-day dental crowns reduce the risk of infection or discomfort.

The crown procedure of the past involved several phases to achieve the final outcome. Same-day dental crowns, on the other hand, allow for the capture of a digital image of your teeth, the creation of a customized crown in the office or laboratory within hours, and fitting it all in a single visit. This minimizes the risk of infection or discomfort with temporary crowns. The digital imaging and design process guarantees the most precise fit and comfort, with the ability to make adjustments on the spot.

Same-day dental crowns are not as expensive

The traditional crown procedure required materials to be made at a specialized lab, which resulted in multiple fees that could add up quickly. By having the equipment and lab materials on office premises, you now get to avoid additional lab fees, and thus save more money and have new restorations that are even more affordable than traditional ones.

Same-day dental crowns are strong and long-lasting

Same-day dental crowns are made from high-quality, durable material of ceramic, in-office milling blocks, or porcelain. They have the same strength and durability as traditional crowns do since the materials used for digital crowns have improved over the years. Furthermore, with same-day dental crowns, you can have them in place within hours, meaning that you will never have to worry about constant visits or checkups for the crowns.

Creates a longer-lasting result and easier oral care routine

Same-day dental crowns offer better protection and coverage for damaged and weakened teeth, protecting them from further damage and decay. They are customized and fitted to suit your unique needs, providing long-lasting results with minimal maintenance. An easier oral routine means that people can still maintain and preserve their oral health by regulating their everyday care habits.

Same-day dental crowns are a great option for those who, due to time constraints, prefer the expedience of one appointment. However, they also provide additional benefits, including accuracy, strength, affordability, and convenience.

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