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What to Expect From Dentures

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A cosmetic dental procedure is used to improve the look of a person's teeth or gums. However, some cosmetic dental applications still have restorative benefits. People who have lost multiple teeth may receive dental applications to replace them. Although the replacement teeth certainly make the mouth look more attractive, they also restore the functionality of the teeth.

One tooth-replacement device that is commonly used when large numbers of teeth are missing from the upper or lower palate is dentures. Here is a bit of information about dentures that can help you understand what you might expect from them.

How Is a Denture Designed?

A denture is comprised of the replacement teeth attached to a base that is usually made of pink resin. Because a denture has to fit the precise dimensions of your mouth, a mold or impression of the mouth is used as a guide for the fabrication of the device.

How Is a Denture Held in Place?

A full upper denture is held in place primarily by suction. The force of the suction is produced as the denture's base rests against the soft tissues on the roof of the mouth. A denture adhesive can also be used to help secure the device in the mouth. Additionally, dentures can be fitted with mechanisms that connect them to natural teeth or dental implants. Partial dentures are mainly reliant on connectors for stabilization.

How Do You Clean Your Dentures?

Although toothpaste often cannot be used to clean a denture, brushing the device with a toothbrush is fine. The brush can help dislodge accumulated plaque and particles of food.

Toothpaste should be avoided because of its abrasiveness. Instead, you should consider investing in denture cleaners.

Can a Denture Be Left Out of the Mouth in the Open Air?

It is best to avoid having a denture dry out. If the device becomes too dry, the shape can eventually become slightly warped. Thus, the denture should be soaked in water or denture-cleaning solution while you are storing it.

With Proper Care Can You Use the Same Denture Indefinitely?

A denture is a long-lasting device. Thus, it could last for the remainder of your lifetime. However, you can expect to have it adjusted periodically because over time your mouth undergoes natural changes. As your jaw bone and gums change, the fit of the denture is altered as well.

To learn more about cosmetic dentures, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentistry business in your local area.