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Ways To Protect Your Dental Filling

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When you have a cavity in a tooth, your dentist will recommend removing it and filling it. This is called a dental filling. A dental filling will last for many years if you care for it properly, and here are some tips to help you care for your filling so that you can protect it.

Take special precautions right after getting it

The most vital time to care for a filling is right after you get it. At first, your filling is likely to feel sensitive and a little strange to you, as it is something new inside your mouth. While your filling should be secure and very hard right away, you will need to be gentle with it at first. To care for it right after getting it, you may want to brush it with less force than you use to brush your other teeth. You may also want to avoid exposing it to really hot or cold things, as it may be extremely sensitive at first, and you should avoid using it to bite things that are hard or sticky. After a few days, you can go about treating the tooth like any of your other teeth.

Avoid using the tooth in ways that could harm it

One important tip for caring for a filling is to make sure you do not use the tooth in ways that could harm it, but this is true for all your teeth, even teeth without fillings. Using your teeth in ways that were not intended for your teeth could damage them, and this could lead to your filling coming loose. For example, you should not use your teeth to bite your nails or to open packages.

Brush and floss it like all your natural teeth

Next, you will want to take care of the filling just as you would all your natural teeth. In other words, you should floss and brush this tooth the same way you do all your other teeth.

Continue getting checkups and seek help if you experience a problem

Finally, you should continue going to the dentist for checkups as scheduled, as this is necessary for your oral health. You should also consider seeking help from a dentist immediately if you have a problem with the filling.

If you have any questions about fillings or cavities or other dental issues, schedule an appointment with a dentist, such as Michael G Landy DDS, today.