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Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures To Improve Your Smile

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When a patient is dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile, there are a number of treatment options that they may be able to utilize to correct their cosmetic dental issues. For patients that are wanting to improve the quality fo their smile, there are few procedures that are commonly used.

Correct Misshapen Teeth

Misshapen teeth can be a problem that is extremely noticeable if it is impacting one of your visible teeth. Unfortunately, patients often fail to correct this issue due to assuming that completely replacing the tooth is the only solution for this cosmetic problem. Luckily, many patients will find that this problem may be corrected through the use of veneers or dental bonding. In addition to being more affordable than completely replacing the tooth, this will also be more convenient as it can be completed in a single session.

Address And Prevent Yellowing

Yellowing teeth is another cosmetically significant dental problem. Many of your favorite foods can contribute to severe yellowing, but you may not have to completely avoid these foods to prevent this problem from becoming noticeable. Regular cleanings can severely reduce the developing of stains on your teeth. Once stains develop, a professional whitening treatment can restore your teeth to their natural color. Home-based kits are often the first step that people take for addressing staining, but these kits can be harmful and damaging to the teeth and gums if they are used incorrectly. Luckily, these risks are avoided with a professional whitening treatment.

Straighten Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth can be a problem that may be particularly impactful for your smile. When a patient is suffering from tooth alignment problems, they may find that it can impact both their appearance as well as their ability to speak clearly. For patients that are wanting straight teeth without the need to wear traditional braces, there are straightening retainers that can effectively shift your teeth into the correct position while still be extremely discrete.

Gum Contouring

While it is easy to focus on the teeth, your gums will also play a role in determining your appearance. Some individuals will have gums that rise too high or low on the teeth, which can degrade the appearance when they smile. Gum contouring will involve adjusting the gum line so that it sits at a more natural level. While this can provide very noticeable improvements to your smile's appearance, it can also help to protect your teeth as gums that rise too high or low can increase the risk of decay forming.

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