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The Top Reasons Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted

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Some individuals need to get their wisdom teeth extracted due to issues. However, some people may be able to live with their wisdom teeth without any issues, which means that dentists likely will not encourage to get them extracted. If you are wondering what are common reasons that individuals get their extracted, the following points will explain them.


Some orthodontists may ask patients to get their wisdom teeth extracted to reduce the chances of teeth crowding after their treatments are over. The crowding may occur if the wisdom teeth pushed through or caused problems later in life. This would require the patient to receive orthodontic treatment if they want straight teeth.

Teeth Sensitivity

This can occur when hot or cold foods are consumed. When these foods and liquids reach the back teeth, sensitive may be experienced due to the wisdom teeth protruding through the gums. 

Overcrowded Teeth

This can happen when teeth shift. This can be dangerous because it can lead to infected gums, which can cause issues such as gum infections and pain. Some people may also view their teeth as unattractive if they shift. This can affect self-esteem, and it may result in individuals wanting or needing orthodontic services to correct a problem that could have been avoided.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not push through the gums. Instead, they become impacted. This does not bother some individuals. However, it can cause pain for others. If pain is experienced, extracting the impacted teeth will generally improve the issue. If the impacted teeth remain in a person's mouth, it may make them assume that the pain is being caused by surrounded teeth. Tenderness, pain, and swelling may also occur.

Repeat Gum Infections

If your gums get infected frequently, it could be caused by the soft tissue that surrounds the wisdom teeth allowing bacteria to enter below the gum line. The infection can spread and cause other issues.

A dentist, such as at Red Oak Dentist, is a good resource to use to learn more about wisdom teeth. Never assume mouth pain is related to your wisdom teeth. This is because there are numerous issues such as cavities and abscesses that also cause mouth pain. These conditions may not require an extraction if they are discovered and treated in a timely manner. It is best to rely on a dentist instead of attempting to self-diagnose. Dentists can determine the cause of pain by using X-rays.