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Signs That You Need To Replace Those Old Dentures

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While dentures may look pristine when you first get them, they will eventually show their age as they get older. There will come a time where you will want to replace those dentures due to problems that they have developed over the year. Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

The Teeth Look Discolored

It is possible that the material used for the teeth in the dentures will become discolored. Much like natural teeth, they can turn a shade of yellow that looks like you haven't been taking care of them. While nothing is physically wrong with the dentures when the teeth turn yellow, it can cause you to feel self-conscious about wearing them in public. Speak to your dentist about getting new dentures that help the teeth look white once again.

The Gums Are Cracked

Dentures have a with fake gums that help them stick to your actual gums. You want to look out for cracks in the artificial gum material since damage can cause the dentures to hurt your gum and slide around in your mouth. A temporary solution is to use dental adhesives to hold your dentures in place, but you should = visit your dentist to fix the problem. They may recommend new dentures if the old ones cannot be fixed.

The Dentures Slide Around

If you do not have any natural teeth remaining, the jawbone will not receive stimulation it needs to remain healthy. It will actually cause the jawbone to shrink, which will change the fit of the dentures when you wear them. Your dentist can evaluate your dentures and let you know if they can be modified to fit to the new shape of your gums, of it they need to create new dentures because the gums have drastically changed.

The Teeth Are Falling Out

Another potential problem, although it is rare, is to have teeth that are falling out from the dentures. It can happen over time due to various reasons, such as the bite of the dentures being off and putting pressure on weird places. The dentures may be defective, with the teeth not bonding to the artificial gum material.

These are just a few reasons to get new dentures. If you are not sure about if your old dentures need to be replaced, meet with a dentist, such as those at Justice Dental, for a consultation. They can evaluate the old dentures and let you know if it is time for new ones.