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Different Dental Issues And How To Deal With Them

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The closer of an eye you keep on your teeth, the better your chances will be of making sure your teeth stay as healthy as possible for a long time. Below, you will find a helpful guide that will give you information on different dental problems, what may be causing them and how you should proceed.

You suddenly have sensitive teeth

If you are noticing that your teeth feel sensitive when you eat or drink something hot or cold, or even when you chew, then you want to try to determine the cause. You should also make an appointment with the dentist to be on the safe side. However, you may be clenching your teeth if you are under more stress lately, or you may have started to grind them at night. You may have eaten something that has triggered sensitivity, such as an excessive amount of lemons. If you are able to determine the cause by thinking back to recent behaviors, try to curb those behaviors from this point forward. However, you may also have a cavity developing or even a fractured tooth, so don't take sensitive teeth lightly.

You have one or more spots that have suddenly appeared

If you look at your teeth and you see that you suddenly have one or more dark spots on any of your teeth then it can be a stain, but if the spot is an actual dot, rather than an area of darkening, then It is more than likely the start of a cavity. You want to make an appointment to get into the dentist office as soon as you can. Until you go in, do a good job keeping your mouth clean, cut back on sweets and don't brush your teeth too roughly or you can make it worse. If the spot is more like an area of staining, the dentist can whiten all your teeth in a way that gives you back a whiter, more even coloring.

You have a hole in a tooth

If you have an actual hole in a tooth then this is a cavity. Of course, you want to make a dental appointment for as soon as they can get you in. However, you also want to be careful until your appointment. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks, brush carefully with a soft-bristled toothbrush and do what you can to keep food from getting stuck in the hole. If the hole is of a decent size, it can be easy for food to get trapped. Chewing sugarless gum can help remove food particles that don't come out when brushing. Or, you can swish a mixture of half water and half peroxide to help the food become dislodged from the tooth. Spit the peroxide mixture out, making sure to not swallow it.

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