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How To Determine If You Are A Good Candidate For Dental Implants

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You might be interested in dental implants because you have just learned that you will need to have multiple teeth removed and you don't want to wear dentures. On the other hand, you might just believe that dental implants can provide you with that perfect smile you have always craved. There's no correct reason to want to get dental implants, but you also need more than just enough money to pay for the procedure in order for it to be available to you. To learn if you will be able to get dental implants, see if you meet the minimum oral health requisites.

Diseases of the Teeth, Bones, and Gum

If you have had a few cavities, you can probably still get dental implants, but more advanced cases of tooth decay can cause concern to both patients and dentists. Gum disease is a prevalent but treatable disorder, and like tooth decay, it can complicate things when you're considering dental implants. It will be necessary for you to have any oral diseases you have treated and resolved prior to having dental implants installed.

Healthy Gums and Strong Bones

Even if you don't have any oral diseases or have them treated successfully, you gums and bones still have to be healthy for dental implants to be a realistic consideration. Your dentist needs to be certain that you have enough bone tissue in your jaw bones to hold the dental implants in place before you can go through with the procedure.

Your Dental Hygiene History 

For people who do find that they are suitable candidates for dental implants, the next step in the process is going over their oral care histories. In short, you are going to need to care for your dental implants just as diligently as you would your own teeth. This means that people who don't see the importance of going to the dentist bi-annually or even flossing after every meal might not be capable of caring for their dental implants properly. You should be honest with your dentist about how you normally care for your teeth as having dental implants installed is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Dental Implant Consultation

If your dentist believes that you are medically healthy enough to get dental implants, next you can have a consultation. During your consultation you will find out how long it will take you to recover after your dental implants are installed and about what type of complications may arise. After becoming fully informed about what your dental implant options are, you will be able to either schedule the procedure or look into other ways to beautify your smile permanently.