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Have Chipped Teeth? Why Dental Crowns Are The Way To Go

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If you have chipped teeth, you may be looking into your options for making them appear whole again.  You might have considered having your teeth shaved down, but this could leave the affected teeth shorter than the surrounding ones, which would take away from the uniformity that you desire.  That's why it's such a good idea to get dental crowns instead.  Use this information to learn more about why dental crowns are the perfect solution for chipped teeth.

Dental Crowns Strengthen The Teeth

One of the main reason why dental crowns are so beneficial is because they help to strengthen the teeth.  Not only will the crown cover up any portion of the tooth that may be chipped or broken, it will also fortify it so that it's stronger than ever before.

When you have chipped teeth, this diminishes the surface area that you have for chewing.  This can be quite detrimental because it means that the tooth is destabilized in comparison to the teeth that surround it.  As a result, the tooth could become loose over time, and may even have to be extracted if the situation worsens.

That's why dental crowns are such a great solution.  The crown will restore the chewing area and keep the tooth on par with the others.  Since the crown reaches up to where the tooth meets the gum line, it serves as an excellent anchor that can hold the tooth in place to keep it from shifting.

Dental Crowns Cover Discolored Teeth

Another reason why you should choose dental crowns is because it can cover up discolored teeth.  If you have chipped teeth in your mouth that are also discolored, you can restore your pearly whites by getting dental crowns.

Dental crowns restore color because they are traditionally made out of a porcelain material.  This porcelain matches very closely with the color of natural teeth, and even someone looking at your teeth from a short distance will be hard pressed to determine whether or not you're sporting a crown.

If you want to spice things up a bit, you can elect to get a dental crown with a gold tip.  This can add a bit of flair to your smile.

Getting dental crowns may prove to be one of the best decisions you could have made.  Don't wait; contact a dentist like Airport Road Dental Associates so you can learn all about the great options that await you when you opt for dental crowns.