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The Top Foods To Avoid To Protect Your Teeth

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Not all food is made equal, especially when it comes to how food affects your teeth. Here are the top foods that cause damage to your teeth.

#1 Ice

The only thing that ice should be used for is keeping your drinks cool. You should not chew or suck on ice. Ice is a really tough and strong material, and when you chew on it, it can cause real damage to your teeth. Chewing on ice can wear down your dental enamel and can crack your teeth.

#2 Coffee

Coffee is not the best drink for your teeth. Excessive drinking of coffee drink on a regular basis can stain your teeth and can cause stains. Additionally, if you drink any of the popular coffee drinks made by major coffee chains, they contain a high amount of sugar in them. This sugar can do damage to your teeth as well. If you have to drink coffee, keep it to a minimum, brush your teeth when you can, and drink plenty of water afterwards to negate the staining effects and the effects of the sugar sitting on your teeth.

#3 Sticky Foods

Sticky foods are really hard on your teeth. Sticky foods can range from sticky candies to dried fruit. The problem with sticky foods is that they tend to stick to your teeth long after you are done eating them. All the sugar in those foods then are stuck directly on your teeth, helping bacteria grow. If you do indulge in sticky foods from time to time, make sure that you rinse your mouth with water to make sure that none are stuck to your teeth and that you brush and floss afterwards.

#4 Crackers

Crackers are not the greatest thing for your teeth. Like sticky foods, crackers break down and stick on your teeth. The substance from your crackers can stick in between your teeth for hours. Just like with sticky foods, you should rinse with water, brush and floss after you eat crackers.

#5 Soda

Soda is really high in sugar. All that sugar coats and damages your teeth. One of the big issues with soda is that people often drink soda after soda, continually coating their teeth with sugar. A soda every now and then is okay, but it should not be what you drink on a regular basis and it should be not be used as a stand-in for water.

#6 Hard Candy

Finally, hard candy is really rough on your teeth. To start with, it can leave behind a ton of sugar. Then, hard candy can be just as tough as ice on your teeth. It can break down and chip your enamel.

Protect your teeth by avoiding the food and drinks discussed above; you'll have healthier teeth if you do.

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