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Having Problems With An Implant? What To Know

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If you had a dental implant put in years ago and you've never felt like it was done properly, it may be time to see an expert that does implant restoration. You want to get the implant fixed before you have other problems because of the tooth.

If the implant wasn't installed correctly, or if it wasn't the right size, you could end up with a lifetime of problems. Here are a few things to look for to see if you need to get a new implant put in your smile.

The Implant is Loose

If you can feel the implant moving around when you eat or brush, or you can push it with your tongue, your implant needs to be repaired and restored. If you don't have your implant repaired, it may break off, or it could be exposing your gum tissue to decay when it moves. It could also be damaging the tissue when the implant moves around.

The Size is Wrong

Does the tooth look too small, or is it so big it's pushing on the other teeth in your mouth? If the previous dentist didn't size it properly, the tooth may be too big or too small, which could be damaging to your oral health. If it's too big it could be wearing or putting pressure on your other teeth, and this could cause your other teeth to break or crack. It also makes it difficult to floss.

If the size is too small, then food and other particles could easily get caught in between the teeth. The tooth may also look too small in the mouth when you smile, which can make the smile look unnatural.

Dental implants are the second healthiest teeth you can have in your mouth, next to healthy natural teeth. Getting the implants in your mouth restored is the best option for your oral health.

Mistakes can happen and if you had the wrong size implant put in or your implant wasn't put in correctly, you want to find another oral surgeon that can do the job correctly. The dental professional will look at the bone density to see if any of the hardware needs to be moved or replaced, and they will size you with the right sized tooth that for the space. Don't ignore any signs of problems with your implants, and get help from a company like Tijeras Dental Service right away.