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Is It Too Late For Senior Citizens To Benefit From Orthodontics?

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If you are like many people, the word orthodontics automatically brings to mind the smile of a teenager and a mouth full of of metal. Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky enough to get them at the right age, while others needed them long before the technology was easily accessible. Therefore, it is important to note that many older individuals are benefiting from orthodontics, often without the all-encompassing metal device that so many people dread.

Why Get Orthodontics Now?

It is important to remember that straight teeth are more than merely a cosmetic concern, but instead can have a significant impact on your dental health. For instance, crooked teeth are common places for plaque to hide, which increases the possibility of decay in the future. In addition, teeth that are not aligned properly can also make eating more challenging, which could also make it harder to eat nutritious food.

Given that other health problems may appear for older individuals, it is crucial to limit the possibility of dental pain or infection as much as possible. If you do not correct the underlying problem, cleaning and whitening your teeth are only a stop-gap measure. If crooked teeth are left untreated, plaque and gum disease will return, so it is never too late to create a healthy smile.

What Option Would Be Best For You?

The heavy metal braces are still available and for severe bite issues, or when you need the fastest possible results, they could be recommended. They continue to be the most affordable option and do not pick up stains from smoking or dark drinks as the clear braces do.

Clear braces, contrary to their name, are not always entirely clear. Instead, they often have colored bands that go around the teeth, gently forcing them into place. They are far more discreet than their metal counterparts, but are slightly more expensive and take longer to provide the same results. 

How Long Will The Braces Be Used?

The exact amount of time that you will need to wear braces will depend on the severity of your dental condition and the type of braces that you and your orthodontist decide on. In general, you should expect to wear them for at least a year and up to 20 months. During that time, you will return for regular cleanings and adjustments.

In conclusion, if you want a beautiful smile, it is almost never too late to get it. Whether you choose invisible braces or metal ones, if you are ready for them, you should contact Crest Hill Family Dental